An archery club for archers of all levels located on the border of Kent and Surrey



Based at Lifeline Fitness Centre, Holland Road, Hurst Green, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 9BQ

Close to the Surrey/Kent border, within a few miles of Oxted, Westerham, Limpsfield, Tatsfield, Sevenoaks, Tandridge

Archery is one of the most traditional of sports, suitable for either sex and almost any age. It is enjoyed by over 22,000 archers, in 1100 clubs throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.   The sport is governed by Archery GB* (the trading name of the GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) and, more locally, by Southern Counties Archery Society* and Kent Archery Association*   It is a safe and healthy outdoor pursuit which can be practised all year round.   Archery can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever their physical abilities, from raw beginner to expert.  Target archery is the current Olympic form of the sport.   It takes place on flat terrain and involves shooting arrows at various sized targets over measured distances of up to 90 metres for men and 70 metres for women.   Juniors shoot shorter distances based on age and capability.   There are various types of bow used, the most common being Recurve bows, Compound bows, Longbows, Flat bows, and Hunters.   North Downs Archery Club is a target archery club open to all and members come from a wide catchment area.

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