An archery club for archers of all levels located on the border of Kent and Surrey


We are a friendly club and members shoot on a casual basis, if preferred, but participation in internal competitions is encouraged.

Some are “fundays” where the loser is awarded a Wooden Spoon or Rubber chicken, but most are based on standard GNAS Rounds.

These vary from 3 dozen to 12 dozen arrows shot over distances of 20yds to 100yds (Imperial rounds) or 18mtrs to 90mtrs (Metric Rounds). Various sizes of target faces are used, depending on Round.

Members’ scores are recorded for each standard Round shot and classification status is noted to enable badges to be awarded (eg, 3rd class, 2nd class, 1st class or Bowman) each year.

A handicap system is used in some internal competitions to allow experts and novices to compete on an equal basis.

Members are also encouraged, if they wish, to enter local, regional, and national competitions held at various locations around the country. Details of these are regularly sent to the club each year and they offer the opportunity to meet and compete against members from other clubs. Some club members regularly compete, but others prefer to simply shoot with friends and family.